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Steirerhof's Wellness Oasis

Simply escape.

After an eventful day, you can do something good for yourself in our 200 m² Steirerhof wellness oasis. Regenerate in the hot tub, infrared cabin or in one of our saunas. Also available to you are a Kneipp pool, a relaxation room with picture-windows designed in the style of a winter garden, along with lawns for sunbathing. Furthermore, in the wellness oasis at the Steirerhof you will also have the opportunity to allow yourself to be pampered during a soothing massage.

Organic sauna

Organic Sauna

Our organic sauna is gentle on your cardiovascular system, with room temperatures between 50°C and 55°C and humidity between 50% and 55%. Almost without knowing it, the organic sauna will do wonders for your skin and detoxify your body. In addition to that, the constant interplay of colors has positive benefits for body and soul.

Infrared Cabin

The infrared radiation provides penetrating heat for your muscles, skin and deeper layers of tissue. Your blood circulation transports the heating effects to your entire body. An extraordinarily beneficial process.

Infrared cabin
Unwind in the hot tub

Hot Tub

After an active day, why not enjoy the relaxing effects of the warm water in our hot tub. Does wonders for body and soul!

Kneipp Pool

Striding through the cold water stimulates your circulatory system and increases blood flow. In addition to that, your body's own defensive mechanisms are strengthened.

Kneipp pool
Finnish sauna

Finnish Sauna

Work up a real sweat at around 90°C! A visit to this sauna usually consists of 2 to 3 sessions. In this way, you will be able to achieve the associated benefits as enjoyably as possible: your skin will be cleansed deep into the pores, your body will be detoxified, your immune system will be strengthened and your metabolism stimulated.

Herbal Steam Bath

This ideal combination of heat and humidity loosens muscles, cleanses the body, nurtures your skin and relaxes you completely with around 40°C and 80% humidity. A steam bath is particularly beneficial if you are dealing with respiratory complaints.

Herbal steam bath
Relaxation room - with a view of nature

Sunbathing lawn

Our relaxation room with a view of nature and our sunbathing lawn lets you really relax.

Relaxation Room

Allow your thoughts to wander in our relaxation room. Forget the passage of time completely and rediscover your sense of inner balance ...

Relaxation room – with a view of nature
After the sauna, enjoy our Snow Beach

Snow Beach

The cool-down phase afterwards is just as important as the sauna session itself. It is only the alternation between hot and cold that brings about the famous "sauna effect". As soon as you step out of the sauna, here with us you can venture straight out into the snow. When you do, you should walk back and forth. Allow the cool air to work its wonders on your body, breathe in deeply. Once you begin to feel chilled, the time has come to go back inside.

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