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Steirerhof's Massages

Classic massages and feel-good massages - TouchLife

Whether you prefer a soothing or invigorating massage, guests are always thrilled by our masseuse. In our wide selection of massages, you are certain to find something that works for you perfectly. All of the massages have just one goal: your relaxation.

Let yourself go ...

Classic full-body massage

for various combinations e.g.: back and legs | back and arms

75 min

€ 82,-

Free your head

head – shoulder – neck massage

25 min

€ 30,-

Feel marvelous

combination of a partial massage and foot massage

50 min

€ 58,-

Time for you

to enjoy a relaxing, attentive back massage to remove tension, fatigue and stress

50 min

€ 52,-

Massage for the legs

muscles are loosened, ideal after a hike or skiing

50 min

€ 52,-

Our masseuse is available for your feel-good treatments from Tuesday to Friday from 3 PM.
Please reserve your appointment time well in advance!

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