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Ramsau am Dachstein

The Dachstein Adventure

You will experience countless breathtaking moments here – with something new to discover every single day. Awaiting you are lush meadows, striking peaks and glorious fresh air. Successful holidays amid magnificent mountain scenery are practically guaranteed.

Source of Strength

"Source of Strength"

For a number of years now, Ram­sau has aptly described itself as "The Source of Strength".

How right they are: Because everything you associate with gentle, nature-friendly tourism is a living, breathing part of how the people here go about their daily lives. Tradition-rich farmhouses are painstakingly restored and lovingly nurtured as precious gems in their own right. 

The hotels in the region could never be described as "bed factories". Rather, they are deeply rooted family businesses, where hosts and their dedicated employees pay personal attention to their guests' well-being.


The High Plain

A high plain in a southern location, also boasting the tallest mountain in Styria.

Ramsau am Dachstein offers ideal elevations for relaxing hikes (1050 to 1300 m above sea level), along with rustic huts that constantly invite you to stop in for a welcome refreshment break.
Dachstein glacier (2700 m), together with the highest mountain in Styria, the Ho­her Dach­stein (2995 m), is an unforgettable experience and, better still, just a few minutes' drive from our hotel.

On the three tiers of the Ram­sau high plateau, your every hiking wish will come true!

The High Plain
Hiking experiences

Hiking Experiences

The landscapes of Ramsau am Dachstein extend from the Ramsau high plateau itself, to the regions of alpine pastures which flank the Dach­stein, all the way up to Dachstein glacier.

Most of the marked hiking paths in and around Ramsau, a trail network that extends for some 200 km, are generally laid out in the form of full circular tours.

Scenic benches at picturesque lookout points invite you to pause during your walk or hike to take in the magnificent sight of the Dach­stein massif.

Mountains of Adventure

An Alpine slide, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, a summit cross, archery, huts, swinging between the treetops of the high-ropes course and much more are all possible on the Rittis­berg.

From here at our hotel, you also have the opportunity to set out on a hike around the Rittis­berg as you enjoy the splendid views of Ram­sau as well as the Dach­stein.

The many hiking paths around the Rittis­berg are ideal for beautiful, relaxing outings.

Pure nature
Always mobile

Always mobile

With our hotel as your base, you can explore the Schlad­ming-Dach­stein Region by bicycle, mountain bike or electric bike.
In the countryside surrounding the Steirerhof, you will discover 48 tours extending for 500 km along with 20 new mountain bike routes that are clearly marked.
In addition to its challenging mountain bike tours, Ramsau am Dachstein also has numerous shorter, more laid-back mountain bike and bicycling tours in store for less "serious" bikers.
Touring maps of the Ram­sau am Dach­stein and Schlad­ming-Dach­stein regions are available in the Ram­sau am Dach­stein tourist office.

High-Alpine Paradise

Ramsau am Dachstein is also known as the "cradle of the via ferrata". All the way back in 1843, under the direction of Fried­rich Simony they began building the first fixed-cable climb in the Alps on the Ho­her Dach­stein - in 2018, it celebrated its 175th birthday. 

With 19 fantastic via ferrata climbs and tours, the Dachstein is a high-alpine paradise for mountain hikers, avid mountaineers and rock climbers. They are located on the southern side of the Dachstein massif and can easily be approached from Ram­sau am Dach­stein.

With the help of our mountain-guide partners "Heli Rett­en­steiner", you can learn the various aspects of mountain sports, which will also give you a great new way to explore the magnificent alpine world which flanks the Dachstein.

Whether as an activity to fill your day, a weekend course or all-week program, the opportunities are diverse with something for everyone, whether beginner or expert. Rock-climbing, via ferrata as well as glacier courses are held on the Dachstein.

High-alpine paradise

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