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Nordic Walking in Schladming-Dachstein

Exploring the region with dynamic strides

Nordic Walking is one of the gentle endurance sports, plus it strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems. Combined with the beautiful landscapes surrounding the ☆☆☆☆ Premium Hiking Hotel Steirerhof, it does wonders for body, mind and soul.

Routes from the hotel
Good to know
Equipment & Clothing
Health & Calories
Routes from the hotel
Nordic Walking - tours direct from the Steirerhof

Nordic-walking routes from the hotel

In cooperation with the local tourist office, some 50 km of dedicated Nordic-walking paths along with a professional guidance system were developed in accordance with NWO guidelines. And you can set out to explore them from right here at the hotel!

Thus, numerous Nordic-walking trails in the Schlad­ming-Dach­stein Region, including details such as elevation profiles and difficulty, await you!

Good to know
Nordic Walking

Good to know - tips

  • Nordic walking was already used as a summer training method for cross-country skiers in the 1930s. From this experience, sports scientists and sports doctors then developed this new trend sport.
  • The arm-stick-work causes a strain on the entire musculoskeletal system, an increase in pulse rate and metabolism, as well as an increased energy turnover. Nordic walking increases calorie consumption and strengthens the shoulder, back and chest muscles. So, this sport is a real fountain of youth for body and mind.
  • As a sport, Nordic Walking is tailor-made for people who should not or do not want to run, but who do want to do something for their health and fitness. Nordic walking enables all age groups to start gentle endurance training: Especially persons who have not been in motion for a long time can start exercising without any problems, as neither the muscles, joints nor the cardiovascular system can be overwhelmed.
Equipment & Clothing
Clothing & Equipment

Equipment and Clothing

Nordic-Walking stick

  • consists of a carbon fiberglass material
  • has an intelligent hand strap system
  • has a cork handle
  • has removable pads - a cushioning rubber tip (when walking on hard surfaces with pads, when walking on soft surfaces without pads)
The correct stick length is 70% of body size.


Sportswear should not only protect against wind and weather, but must also absorb the strong sweat and transmit it to the outside air.

  • Not only the sports underwear should be functional, but also the outer clothing, which should consist of a porous but waterproof outer material.
  • The middle layer in between fulfills the important function of sweat transfer.
  • Training jacket and pants should allow enough freedom of movement.


  • Good running shoes or a light trekking shoe are suitable for Nordic Walking.
  • A shoe has to guide, stabilize and cushion.
Health & Calories
Health & Nordic Walking

The healthy aspect

  • 85% of all muscles are trained, the upper body is challenged through the use of sticks - this results in an optimal complement of endurance and strength training.
  • Cardiovascular performance and aerobic endurance are improved enormously.
  • Muscle tension in the shoulder and neck area (through sedentary activities) is released.
  • The musculoskeletal system is relieved by up to 30% through the use of sticks, which is particularly useful for people with knee and back problems.
  • The active use of the auxiliary breathing muscles increases the oxygen supply to the entire organism.

Calorie consumption

  • Nordic walking is ideal for fat metabolism training (also for overweight people!).
  • The use of sticks increases calorie consumption by around 20% compared to walking without sticks.
  • Being able to train longer than running, for example, means that you are longer in the fat metabolism area.
  • For 95% of the training time, the Nordic Walker is in the basic & development area, which is ideal for burning fat.

"Seelenrunde" Nordic Walking Trails
(from Hiking Hotel Steirerhof):

  1. Halserberg Tour (ca. 6 km)
  2. Vorberg Tour (ca. 6 km)
  3. Rittisberg Tour (7.4 km)

Nordic Walking Trails
(from Hiking Hotel Steirerhof):

  1. Halserberg Tour
    (ca. 6 km)
  2. Vorberg Tour
    (ca. 6 km)
  3. Rittisberg Tour
    (7.4 km)

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