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Snowshoeing in Schladming-Dachstein

amid mountain landscapes and breathtaking nature

After the very first snow, the countryside takes on a whole new appearance. Nature-loving hikers, young adventurers, families, hobby athletes and health-conscious visitors  all get great joy out of snowshoeing. The Steirerhof, with its professional hiking guides, has developed in recent years into one of the leading hotels for snowshoers in all of Austria. We invite you, too, to join us on our expeditions through the romantic winter landscapes of the Schladming-Dachstein Region.

Guided snowshoeing tours from the hotel

Come with us as we experience the nature and tranquility of wintertime at its most beautiful. With simple gear and practically no prior experience, this trendy outdoor sport promises all kinds of fun.

We offer you:

> at least 5 guided snowshoe tours every week
> during our special Snowshoe Weeks, 5 guided snowshoe tours
> certified hiking guides exclusively for guests of our hotel
> free snowshoes to borrow at the hotel
> hiking poles, drinks bottles and rucksacks to borrow for free

3 - 5 guided snowshoe tours per week led by certified hiking guides.

Discover magical places.

Tips about equipment and walking technique


Snowshoes should be lightweight though stable. Available to borrow for free here at the hotel.

Mountain and hiking boots

You will only need standard mountain or hiking boots, though they should be ankle-high and waterproof, and they should "breathe". Our selection of tours includes something for everyone, whether beginner or experienced.


Your clothing should also breathe, since many tours through the deep snow can make you work up quite a sweat.


We suggest collecting your first snowshoeing experiences on guided tours. You don't need any special training or skills. If you can walk, you can also snowshoe. That said, decent physical condition is definitely an advantage. Our own guides will also show you the correct walking technique.

Ski- or hiking poles

All you need is regular ski- or hiking poles with baskets near the tip. However, specialized snow- and Nordic-walking poles are better, providing better shock absorption for the arm joints.

Tour Planning

If you are out on your own in deep-snow terrain, be considerate of wild animals that need to be left undisturbed in wintertime. Also protect yourself from avalanches by planning your tour carefully, bringing along the necessary safety equipment including avalanche transponder, and picking up useful tips from your hosts here at the hotel.

Steirerhof Packages for snow-shoeing

Take advantage of our holiday packages and snowshoeing offers!

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