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Planai and Hochwurzen

Summer amid glorious alpine scenery

From the leisurely scenic pathway on the summit of the Planai to a more challenging tour of the Krahbergzinken, both mountains offer the perfect experience for every holidaymaker who loves to hike.

Unforgettable moments

Unforgettable Moments

Whether you are an avid hiker, exploring with your whole family or just taking a stroll, the Pla­nai and Hoch­wur­zen offer something for everybody.

If you are looking for something really laid-back, we would suggest walking along the scenic pathway which circles the summit of the Pla­nai. But if you are in the mood for something more challenging, you might wish to take a hike on the Hoch­wurzen, following the Tau­ern Höhen­weg out to the Gig­lach Lakes.


Impressive Diversity

In recent years, a variety of offers have been developed on the Planai as well as the Hochwurzen, intended to appeal to all types of holidaymaker.

Both mountains are ideal, regardless of whether you are intent on spending a leisurely or more active summer day outdoors. And beforehand, enjoy a delightful gondola ride up to 1900 m above sea level.

Set out on a relaxing alpine stroll, as you learn more about our fascinating world of animals and plants, or perhaps you would prefer to climb to the top of one of our impressive summits.

Impressive diversity
Hiking enjoyment on the Planai

Hiking Enjoyment on the Planai

If you are in the mood for something completely relaxing, we suggest taking a hike along the scenic pathway which circles the summit of the Planai.

This pram-friendly pathway begins at the Planai mountain terminal and leads you all the way around the top of the Pla­nai. Along the way, you will discover the "Place of Reflection", where you will be able to find complete relaxation – a walk-in wooden sculpture amid breathtaking scenery.

Taking approximately one hour to complete, this is a marvelous opportunity to experience the flora and fauna of Schlad­ming's most famous local mountain.

Experiences on the Hochwurzen

High atop the Hochwurzen, you can truly appreciate nature and the world about you in all its beauty.

The best way to reach the mountain terminal is a ride on the Hoch­wur­zen gondola. Once you are at the top, you can choose from a wide range of hiking opportunities for all tastes. Family-friendly walks alternate with variety packed hikes to neighboring valleys and towns.

One highlight on the Hoch­wurzen is the Höhen­weg path leading to the Giglach Lakes. This Alpine hike captivates with breathtaking natural scenery and the hypnotizing reflections you see in the mountain tarns. The hike takes roughly 6 to 7 hours to complete.

Experiences on the Hochwurzen
Mountain go-carting – the fun factor

The Fun Factor

7 kilometers of go-carting fun on the Hochwurzen!

You will set out from the mountain terminal on the Hoch­wurzen. After a short briefing by the team, you will begin a 7 km-long ride back down to the valley taking 20 to 30 minutes.

Mountain go-carts can be rented out right at the valley station of the Hoch­wurzen lifts from the Ski Lenz sports shop. Your ride on the mountain go-cart will take you along the Hoch­wur­zen­strasse, where you are constantly accompanied by beautiful scenery. Guaranteed to be a big hit with everybody.

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